Havill PackPrint Developments has extensive experience in organising print projects from simple office stationery through large volume, multi-product communications. We can provide assistance with any project regardless of the printing method or its complexity.

Initial Consultation and Brief - Printing

Initial contact and briefing for any project is provided free of charge. At your instigation we will have a conversation on what information you can share regarding your project and determine what services we can offer to assist.

Visits outside of the Melbourne metropolitan area may require reimbursement of travel costs. These will be discussed during our initial discussion.

Printed item Assessment

We look at the item to be printed and consider the options with regard to print type and the desired purpose of the printing item. We consider:

  • Print Quality.
  • Print Volume.
  • Print Method.
  • Material.
  • End Use.
  • Embellishment Options.
  • Finishing Options.
  • Special Requests.

Recommendations are made regarding suitable options to achieve desired marketing objectives based on the briefing. Multiple options may be considered with variations based on cost, durability, functionality, ease of use, etc.

Product Design, Sampling and Prototyping

Once a selection is made design, sampling and prototypes may be required. For some products this can be a complex procedure for others quite simple.

Graphic Design

We can provide Graphic Design services to suit the required printing process or assist your own designer to provide designs for your item that meets your corporate standards and achieves your marketing objectives. Some printing processes can require specialist design services.

Budget Recommendation and Supplier Assessment

Once a project development plan including printing specification, design and manufacturing options, has been decided more detailed budgeting and supplier selection processes can be performed.

This may involve decisions on potential material options, photography, creative design or pre-press, available print method options, supplier recommendation, project timing and quotation analysis.

Pre-press Management

The process of converting the graphic and structural design elements to suit the print medium can lead to disappointment if not executed correctly. Management of the pre-press process can reap significant benefits.

Pre-press management involves all aspects of the production process including material quality control, and on-press print proofing.

Contracted Project Management (CPM)

This is essentially all the above processes rolled into one project. Havill PackPrint Developments can provide a complete Project Management Service from concept through to delivery.

Project Review

Any project we undertake will include a review on achievement of Project Objectives. All work undertaken by Havill PackPrint Developments is reviewed not only against Project Outcomes but also your assessment of Havill PackPrint Developments performance. This process will be discussed during the project planning phase.


Havill PackPrint Developments agrees to keep confidential any details of any project unless written permission for disclosure is provided. Disclosure of confidential information to third parties for the purposes of quotation or project development may be required but customers will be advised and permission sought before such disclosure occurs. Havill PackPrint Developments can request all suppliers and service providers to sign confidentiality agreements if so directed by our customers.