The primary role of Havill PackPrint Developments is to provide expert advice and guidance to companies needing help with upcoming print, packaging or POS projects.

On this website the term “Project” is used loosely to describe any planned outcome. It could be anything within our core range of expertise involving printing, packaging or Point-of-Sale items.

From full project involvement to specific advice on project phases, Havill PackPrint Developments can provide a varied level of consultancy services such as:

Project Assessment: An investigation into the project objectives to determine the desired objectives and the best way forward. Assessment will result in a broad outline of services required, timeline and project budgeting guidelines.

Project Budget & Planning: Following on from the Assessment, a detailed Project Plan is created outlining the specific objectives and the steps involved to achieve each. The plan may include activity on options to provide detail for decisions for functionality, Aesthetics or budget. A Project Budget is calculated and provided for approval.

Product and Supplier Assessment: Having determined the products to be provided, detailed assessment of each is made to ensure suitability for purpose along with a recommendation on preferred supplier. This would include existing suppliers to the client and suitability to supply.

Tender Process and Audits: If company policy or project size indicates the need for a Tender Process, we can provide assistance in the preparation of tender details and RFQ for supplier submissions. We can provide an independent assessment of existing or proposed tender documents or tender submissions already received.

In-House Technical Support and Problem Solving: Havill PackPrint Developments will provide independent investigative and auditing services of your own in-house projects and specific issues when requested. Guidance on technical elements to ensure your project runs smoothly or assessment of projects where a poor outcome has been experienced.

Project Review: Where Havill PackPrint Developments has provided part or complete project services, we will conduct project review on completion assessing project achievements or failures.

Trade Contracting & Special Requests: Support for trade suppliers as required.