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Printing and Packaging development can be a complex business, posing real difficulties for companies and new startups trying to achieve value and quality from the Printing and Packaging procurement process.

Havill PackPrint Developments has the experience to save time and money on the creation and implementation of most printing materials or packaging products.

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Havill PackPrint Developments continues to grow under stewardship of Managing Director, Kim Havill.

By focusing on servicing existing clients and their ongoing needs, Kim & Noel have been able to maintain client numbers while allowing the company to grow as new business opportunities are realised.

Recently celebrating 5 years in business, Havill PackPrint has continued to expand with recent opportunities from the other side of the world providing a number of challenges and new business.

Havill PackPrint is a small business offering bespoke printing and packaging development and management services. Lets be honest, we dont spend much on our web design or our social media footprint. That's obvious I'm sure. What we do do is provide expertise in many areas of the printing and packaging industry for our clients. We fix problems, we secure awesome supply contracts and we help those that need it. We think that's enough.

If you are interested in discussing a future project or re-evaluating your current supply arrangements, just give us a call.

We have exceptional examples of recent work available for your inspection. We can supply whatever you need while exceeding quality expectations \with exceptional cost savings.

Havill PackPrint Developments Pty Ltd provides services to clients throughout Australia.

It is unlikely you will find all the answers to your packaging or printing problems within this website. However you can start the process by calling the Managing Director, Kim Havill on+61 (0) 409 186 126 or by email: kim@havill.com.au for more information.


Companies looking to bring new products to market or revamp marketing strategies around new ideas, can find themselves spending thousands of dollars looking for innovative ideas. You don't need to spend a fortune to be innovative or a leader in your marketing segment. Let us show you how. Bring your ideas, dreams and thoughts to us and lets see what we can do.

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There is so much more to Havill PackPrint Developments than simply sourcing printing or packaging at lower prices. Call us now for your Free, No Obligation project assessment. Phone +61 (0) 409 186 126

Consulting Director Noel Havill has been involved with the Packaging and Printing industries for more than 40 years and has developed a diverse team of consultants and trade suppliers to help with any type of inquiry.

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