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Havill PackPrint Developments Celebrates 7 YEARS continuous trading.

Havill PackPrint Developments has continued to thrive for 7 years and is working hard to make it 8 and more.

Covid-19 and Havill PackPrint Developments.

Despite the continuing difficulties of the Covid-19 shutdown and business disruptions to most Victorian industries, the Victorian Packaging and Print industries are an Authorised Industry and continue operating under Covid safe rules. Most business are therefore doing Ok despite a reduction in work and are available for your next project.

Havill PackPrint will be able to ride out the roller-coaster we are all on due to the continued support of our loyal customer base.

We would like to thank ALL of our new and longer term customers for their support and the many exciting projects offered to us along the way.

Need something? You can always speak to us directly about your next project or your interest in our businsess.

Printing and Packaging development can be a complex business, posing real difficulties for some companies, large and new startups, all trying to achieve value and quality from the Printing and Packaging procurement process.

Doing it right the first time is essential for good value and bringing your project to market effectively.

Havill PackPrint Developments has the experience to save you time and money on the creation and implementation of most printing materials or packaging products.

Talk to us about how we can help you.


A decision has been made to revamp this website and the site may offer little information during the redevelopment.

Redevelopment is currently on hold due to the Covid-19 crisis and will recommence once the crisis has passed and some normality returns to our world.

PLEASE NOTE: During the redevelopment work some links may not work. We have removed the contact page due to a hacking attack so your best option will be to contact us direct for more information on our services.

Email: Noel@havill.com.au or Kim@havill.com.au

Please make sure you send your full contact details including: Phone number, email address, and postal address. Emails without these contact details may not be considered genuine.

We may not have the prettiest website but we can certainly get your next project printed and delivered without fuss. Just call us.

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